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Tamale Reheating Instructions

Reheating instructions for Frozen Tamales


1.      Put the tamales in a slightly open microwavable plastic bag or container.

2.      Add a teaspoon or two of water per tamale to prevent drying during cooking.

3.      Heat on high power for two minutes per tamale, making sure to rotate tamales a couple of times during cooking or use a microwave with an automatic turntable.


Stovetop (recommended method)

1.      Remove tamales from packaging and place in a steamer pot (vegetable steamer ok).

2.      For 4-8 frozen tamales steam covered for 20-25 minutes once water has come to a boil. Additional time may be necessary depending on how many tamales are in the pot and at high altitudes.

3.      Do not let tamales contact the boiling water.

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